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  • “Having heard Graham speak and read his book I think the guy’s a genius! He’s not your typical financial adviser, but then he doesn’t talk about typical investments. I’d recommend him as a speaker at any event involving people who need to take care of their financial future”.

    Terry Gormley

    NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, Sheffield

  • “As a mortgage broker I thought I was well up on investing but I learned some new stuff from Graham that has really got me thinking about my own portfolio. Thankfully he escaped from Geordie land a long time ago so I didn’t need sub-titles during his talk.”

    Seth East

    Bright Financial, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

  • “I’ve always wanted a place in Provence but never quite got round to doing anything about it. When I heard Graham talk about this government supported scheme then read his book I realised that this was by far the best way to make my dream a reality.”

    Kaye Thompson

    The Creative Catering Company , Winchester, Hants

  • “Graham’s obviously a successful guy and I feel more comfortable listening to investment ideas from someone like him. The fact that he’s put his own cash into the investments he talks about is also reassuring. Most of the so called financial advisers I meet are scraping a living and have no money of their own tied up in the products they want you to buy!”

    Gary Peirce

    Hopes and Dreams nurseries, Isle Of Man

  • “What a pleasure to hear someone talk about investing in a way that keeps you entertained and gives you loads of new information that you haven’t heard anywhere else. Really enjoyed it.”

    Annette Ferguson

    Chartered Accountant, Richmond, Surrey

  • “I’d been wondering what I could do that would create a nest-egg for my grandchildren. Graham’s idea really hits the spot. I can set up a trust and divide the proceeds between them. Looking at the potential returns, it could set them up for life.”

    David Browne

    The Scottish Shutter Company, Dundee

  • “Most people who talk about investing are dull as dishwater. Graham really hits home with his message about how to invest now so that the future will be taken care of. I can even have holidays in one of the assets he recommends!”

    Hazel Edwards

    The Container Team, Weston Super Mare

  • “I found Graham’s talk a real eye-opener. I’m so focused on running my business that I haven’t given a thought to my pension. I’ve got two great ideas now that I hadn’t come across anywhere else”.

    Phil Kiernan

    Owner of the Farmer’s Boy Inn and star of Channel 4’s ‘Four In A Bed’, Longhope, Glos ,

  • “This is about who are the people I can talk to so I can achieve my goals? I’ve been looking for someone to have that conversation with – it’s quite difficult on your own. If I could make one less error that would be lovely”

    Sara Worth


  • “It’s a bit like financial therapy – it forces a discipline on you to talk about important stuff that you know you should do but haven’t got around to”

    Paul Tidmarsh


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