Step 3 Get Connected

So you’ve decided to take control and you’re avidly reading everything you can about finance and investing? You saddo. You need to get out more. And in this episode I’m going to drag your carcass off that sofa and into the real world so you can Get Connected!

Confession time. I’m a late developer with this networking stuff. I always felt like I had to know everything myself and achieve everything through my own efforts. I felt uncomfortable with the idea of asking other people for help. As if it was a sign of weakness. What an idiot I was for all those years. I’ve never enjoyed business networking events. All those people thrusting their business cards at you before they’ve even said hello. Everyone seemed to be on the make. Every conversation a sales pitch. Who needs to turn out 6:00am to be confronted with that?

Here’s the deep, profound lesson it took until my mid fifties to learn. If you genuinely have some value to add and you position yourself properly, the right people will somehow find you. It takes all the stress out of the process. Can I use another cliché? ‘When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear’. I’ve had some great teachers in my business life – the late Jim Rohn, Dan Kennedy whose events in America I still attend every year, Ted Nicholas, Gary Halbert and many more. They taught me about positioning. About becoming a Category of One. Showing up like no one else does or ever could. I took the position of Renegade Investor, taking personal control of my financial future and taking a stand against the evil forces of Big Government, Big Banks, lousy advisers and interfering regulators.

At a conservative estimate, this positioning is completely irrelevant to around 95% of the population. It goes straight over their heads. I call them the Mediocre Majority. No wonder they are so royally screwed by politicians, banks and self-serving advisers. But with the other 5%? The resonance is so strong that we become bosom buddies for life. They share their war stories as well as their triumphs. They sign my petitions. They become cheerleaders for the Little Guy trying to avoid financial dependence on the ever mightier State.

That might be why I resonate so much with entrepreneurs and business owners. That renegade mind-set that says ‘I’m going to take on the world and win’. I digress. Let me step down off my soap box for a second. Positioning is about being ‘for’ something. In my case, encouraging people to take control of their finances. It’s equally about being ‘against’ something. In my case, big government, over regulation and lousy performance by much of the mainstream financial services industry.

What are you for and against? What value do you bring to other people? How can you combine your ‘deliverables’, in my case extraordinary investments that you won’t find on the High Street, with your ‘values’ and your ‘philosophy’ to create a unique position? Put some time and creative energy into this. Then use it in everything you put ‘out there’, from business cards to your LinkedIn profile, from writing a book to making videos for your websites and your Youtube channel.

Yes, it’s a lot of work. But watch what happens. The right people will start to seek you out. Networking is turned on its head. You won’t waste time with the one man band Life Coach or the spotty guy with a great idea for yet another online dating app. The people who seek you out will almost certainly bring opportunities that you can share in.

I’ve had directorships, speaking engagements, new investment opportunities and more brought to me on a plate since adopting this approach. Of course, you can always help the process along a bit by selectively attending events where the ‘right’ people might hang out. None more so than Elite Investor Club sessions, regularly held in London’s Oxford Street as well as in China, Singapore and Israel.

Check the Events page at for details of upcoming meetings. We usually have a couple of speakers, wine and canapes and a chance to chat with 30-50 or so other members on a midweek evening. All for a measly tenner. But make no mistake. The big secret about getting connected is to position yourself in such a unique way that the right people are attracted towards you and the rest are swiftly repelled. I dare you to try it for six months and see what happens.

So now we move on to step four and the rubber really hits the road. Because it’s time to acquire some assets.