Step 1 – Take Control

When I invited coach to the billionaires Martin McKenzie to speak at my Wealth Summit in twenty fourteen his talk divided the room. Some thought his message was irrelevant, even arrogant. Others resonated with his core theme that changing how you think is the key to getting different results and signed up on the spot for the Wealth Mastermind group that we ran together.

Even that group would be split in half. Those that ‘got it’, stuck with it, implemented the strategies and saw massive change. And those who were offended or challenged by it. By the time of the third meeting we’d lost half the group. I suspect this video series will have the same effect. Everyone strives to find the secret sauce, the unknown trick, the one thing that society has kept from them that is holding them back. When I tell them the answer is staring back at them in the bathroom mirror, they squirm with discomfort.

Wherever you are on your journey to financial independence, I want to help you make a giant leap towards that ultimate goal. The information and ideas I’m going to share with you in this mini series can make you a multi millionaire or whatever your goal may be. But there’s only one catch. You’ve got to take action. And not just lots of ‘busy stuff’ action. You can hire minions to do most of that. The action I’m talking about happens between your ears.

Change the way you think. Permit yourself the possibility that not every decision you’ve taken has moved you towards your goal. Just maybe there’s room for a new approach. I’m going to share with you some of the concepts and material that my Wealth Mastermind members paid thousands of pounds to hear. The ones who took action have already seen a payback worth many times their investment. The problem is, you haven’t made that investment.

My American business mentor, Dan Kennedy, once told me that the only thing worse than giving free advice to your clients is giving free advice to your family. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I like to think of all members of Elite Investor Club as an extended family. So how do I get you to take this programme as seriously as those who paid a substantial sum because they genuinely wanted different results? Only you can answer that question. By taking action. So let’s start with the first of the seven steps to financial freedom. Take Control.

If you’re not familiar with my story, go to the home page at and scroll down to the last video, Graham’s Story. I hope you don’t have to go through quite so much pain to realise the need to take personal control of your financial future, but I suspect there will be pain involved. You need to change the way you think about wealth and set up some simple disciplines to automate the wealth accumulation process. By all means use advisers but keep them as satellites in orbit around you at the centre of your personal universe. You are in control. You set the agenda. They provide specific advice and support when you ask for it. If an expert can’t explain things in a way you understand and feel comfortable with, find another expert.
If you’ve read my latest book Encounters With Investment Icons, you’ll have seen Mark Dampier from Hargreaves Lansdown tell you that 90% of professional fund managers are rubbish, so what have you got to lose by taking personal control? It’s never been easier to be on top of your finances – you can do it from your phone or tablet while sipping a pina colada on the beach in Mexico. It’s never been cheaper to ‘own the world’ through Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs in every asset class imaginable. There’s a whole portfolio of assets in Elite Investor Club giving stable, non volatile returns in the 8-12% range. Compound that over a decade or two and you’ll easily achieve a seven figure net worth. You just need to make sure you do what it takes to qualify as a sophisticated or high net worth investor so that the whole world of investing is open to you. Which is where Elite Investor Club can help you.

If you really want to take a giant leap towards financial independence, the journey starts with taking control. Are you ready or do you need to go through more pain before you admit it? There’s no point in watching the rest of this series unless you’ve made the emotional decision to take charge of your financial future. Yes, I said emotional. It comes from the heart as much as the head.

So don’t watch part two of the series unless and until you’ve taken a long hard look in the mirror and said Yes Graham, I’m finally ready to take control. If you’re one of the five per cent of people watching this who actually decides to take action, I’ll see you in part 2!