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The major trends that should influence investors in the 2020s

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Megatrend 1 – Technology

As investors, we need to be aware of some transformational opportunities that are emerging.…

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Megatrend 2 Ageing Baby Boomers

 We all moved up to larger family homes and cars as our careers…

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Megatrend 3 – Broken Government

Like it or not, the world really has shrunk in the last fifty years.…

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MegaTrend 5 – The Entrepreneur Generation

Oh boy how things have moved on. We’re now at the stage where technology…

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Megatrend 6 – Catering to the Millennials

One of the sure ways of feeling old is when you start receiving CVs…

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Megatrend 7 – Catering to the 1%

Wealthy people already have everything they need. In many cases, they also have everything…

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Megatrend 8 – Pets are the New Children

We all remember that first new puppy when we were kids. At the risk…

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Megatrend 9 – Broken Banking

A zero interest rate policy, QE type money printing and central bank bond buying…

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