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A - Z of Investing

In this series we walk you through the A-Z of investment jargon. Recorded in 2015, some of the references may be outdated but the definitions and key learning points are timeless.

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K is for Kiyosaki

We’re rapidly approaching half distance in the Elite Investor Club A-Z of investing and…

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L is for Liquidity

I hope you’re keeping up with me and going back over the previous episodes…

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M is for Money Supply

 Welcome back to the A-Z of investing. Today we’ve reached the letter M…

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N is for Net Worth

Welcome back to the A-Z of investing. We’ve reached the letter N and if…

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O is for Options

We’re racing through the alphabet in the A-Z of investing now. This month we…

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P is for PE Ratio

We’ve reached the letter P in the A-Z of investing, and it’s an important…

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Q is for Quantitative Easing

Just a couple of episodes ago we talked about the importance of money supply.…

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R is for Risk

As we reach the letter R in the A to Z of investing, we…

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S is for Saving

Welcome back. For this episode I want to address the starting point for all…

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T is for Taxes

Welcome back to the A to Z of investing. Today I’m adopting a serious…

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