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In my opinion

Renegade Investor Graham Rowan’s musings on the economy, politics, investing and the meaning of life.


Could you reverse your beliefs around money?

A stranger perusing my library would conclude I’m obsessed with money. Superficially correct but…

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This Man Could Be Chancellor In A Few Weeks…

I was 18 years old when we last experienced such political turmoil in this…

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The danger of ‘Executive Aggrandisement’

You don’t need tanks on the streets to experience a coup… Democracy is a…

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Totalitarians at the gate…

While the UK and America look the other way, China is tightening the screws…

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Now dividends join the yield drought

A decade of political manipulation of the price of money is coming home to…

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The Osteopath, the Vegan and the Billionaire

Lying face down on an osteopath’s couch in your underpants makes you a bit…

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Is it time to slay this Sacred Cow?

Surrey is no county for old men. Just four months ago Uncle Roy celebrated…

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Money Week’s John Stepek – the dangers of passivity

If you’re familiar with my back story, you’ll know that I committed the cardinal…

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Three Killer Questions

Words like ‘retirement’ and ‘pension’ are a big turn off to most people. Depending…

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Meerkats to take over tax system?

It’s one of the great oxymorons of our times that we have a Quango…

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