How I’m staying sane during lock down

How are you coping after a month in lock down?

In case it’s any help I thought it might be worth sharing a typical day. People who get close to me are often surprised at how much stuff I get done. I’ve tried to ensure that doesn’t change while I’m under house arrest. Let’s look at yesterday, Monday 20th April:

6:30am Alarm goes off, just like a typical work day. That’s probably the most important lesson I’m going to share, so don’t feel obliged to read any further.

8:00am At my desk in the study working on a new cyber security business I’m launching next month. This is one of those areas that’s likely to see explosive growth so I’m working on a simultaneous ‘buy and build’ strategy. Sadly, I just missed out on an acquisition down the road in Woking but I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities in the fall-out from lock-down.

9:30am Research questions for this afternoon’s interview with Justin Urquhart Stewart. He moved into an ambassadorial role with 7IM in January but I know he recently bought the former London home of French impressionist Camille Pissarro so lots to catch up on.

10:30am I like to ‘sharpen my axe’ by doing an hour of study a day, either learning something new or revising something I should already know. Today I spend an hour in the company of one of my American mentors, Frank Kern, learning some techniques I will use to launch the cyber security business.

11:30am Finally shift my butt from the desk but still cling to the laptop. Why? Because it’s time for Daphne and I’s fitness session with our personal trainer, Drew. With the PC plugged into the TV Gotomeeting allows us to see him and, more important, him to see what we’re doing wrong.

12:45pm Omelette and salad for lunch then revision of my material for the second of this afternoon’s interviews.

2:00pm Delightful Money, Me & Covid19 interview with Justin, who is on top form as ever. I won’t spoil it for you but he had a very interesting idea for how we can innovate our way to a recovery post Covid19, if our political leaders have the cajones to give it a try.

3:00pm Review the specification with our web designer for a new Learning Centre on the Elite Investor Club website. This will enable us to bring all our content together in one place, including videos, webinars, articles and podcasts. Ideal for whiling away those furloughed days.

3:30pm At the insistence of executive producer Michael Hammond the tables are turned and I am to be the guest on Money, Me & Covid19 with Robert Martin stepping in as the interviewer. Daphne says my views are too controversial and will upset the Trolls. Good job my shoulders are broad, then. We are clinging to freedom of speech by a thread under pressure from political correctness and Group Think – if I can cause one person to pause for thought the pummelling from the online idiots will be worth it. The latest piece of state censorship? DVLA will no longer issue car number plates deemed to be ‘politically sensitive’.

4:15pm Boring but they get upset if you ignore them – pay HMRC the payroll taxes for my various companies where no one is furloughed and everyone is still working.

4:30pm Discuss with Iain Tyrrell the programme structure for the first episode of a new series, Supercar Secrets, which we are recording on Wednesday. I will be asking him what to look for when buying a Lamborghini Countach. Really looking forward to this one both as a petrolhead and as a fan of Iain’s style in front of the camera.

5:00pm Board call with Respects Bereavement Services, discussing all the operational aspects around a cemetery during Covid19 as well as the new technology we are using to livestream services to extended family members. Also finalised the content of a new brochure for the Muslim community in the West Midlands.

6:00pm Later than usual, time to leave prison for our one hour in the exercise yard. How strange the dynamics of meeting people on the street have become. I’m not exactly sure what ‘gorm’ is, but lots of people don’t seem to have any of it. One problem is speed differential. I can cope with the cyclists, as they tend to stay on the road and give you a wide berth. My big issue is with the joggers, especially those who have only started pounding the streets since lock down began.

You can tell them by the awkward gait, the red face and the ‘I’m about to have a heart attack’ wheezing. They splutter and snort sending bodily fluids way more than 2 metres. If I see them in time I zip across the road to safety.

The other issue is with millennials who seem to think they are immune to infection and that moving into single file would be so uncool. Daphne has adopted a new technique when she sees a young couple coming straight towards us who are clearly not going to move an inch. Out comes the tissue and a combination of a sneeze and a dry cough usually does the trick.

Another day survived on the mean streets of Weybridge…

Wherever you are locked up (sorry, down), stay safe and stay sane.

Until next time