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If you have a property or investment portfolio of £250,000 or more, we can help you create long term, multi-generational wealth through access to extraordinary investments that you won’t hear about from your accountant or IFA.

We have so far helped our members to invest over £52 million in our carefully selected portfolio.

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Still unsure?

Why not take a look at our frequently asked questions to decide if you are ‘in’ or ‘out’.

What is Elite Investor Club?

Elite Investor Club is a private members club that helps successful business owners and property investors to achieve long term financial independence.

Who is Elite Investor Club for?

We have around 1600 members in 10 countries, mainly people aged 45-65 with a higher than average net worth and a higher than average interest in their financial future. The average net worth of our members is £1-5 million, though the range is from zero to £70 million!

Why did you start the club?

When I was in the corporate world I gave my savings to a professional Wealth Manager who succeeded in losing £151,600 in 18 months then firing me as a client! At that point I realised that I had to take personal control of my financial future – no one else had me at the top of their agenda. I then started a 15 year journey to the financial independence that I enjoy today. I set up the club in 2014 to help others take control of their own financial future, hopefully without the cost and pain that I went through!

What does the club do?

In order to help people achieve financial independence we focus on three areas:

  • Education and coaching in financial and business matters
  • Wealth building through access to some extraordinary investments
  • Wealth protection through access to specialist pensions and tax planning
What kind of education does the club provide?

We try to make finance and investing interesting rather than boring or incomprehensible, so we use a variety of media. We release weekly videos on our Youtube channel Elite Investor TV, we create weekly Opinion articles, run regular webinars and deliver a hard copy magazine, Elite Lifestyle, to our members. We also arrange regular live events such as Boardroom Breakfasts when we go into detail on a specific topic like pensions, tax planning or buying a business.

What kind of investments does the club provide?

We work with investors who qualify under the FCA’s rules on Sophisticated and High Net Worth investors:

  • High Net Worth investors either have an income of over £100,000 a year or have investable assets outside their main home and pension of £250,000 or more.
  • Sophisticated Investors qualify as such in one of three ways:
    • They have been certified as such by a relevant FCA entity
    • They are a director of a company with a turnover of £1 million or more
    • They are a member of an investment club or angel network and have invested in two or more unlisted securities in the last 12 months

If that’s you, you’re in the right place! We will ask you to certify that you qualify before sharing any information with you about specific investments.

The FCA rules forbid us from sharing details of these kind of investments on a public platform that could be seen by retail investors so the only way to access our investments is by joining the club. Fortunately, we do not charge for membership!


What do you mean by ‘specialist pensions and tax planning’?

With the state of the government’s finances and an ageing population to support, I’m sure you will agree that taxes are only going in one direction – up! As we mainly deal with successful people who have accumulated assets and income levels above the norm, it makes our members targets for everything from higher rate income tax to capital gains and eventually inheritance tax. We provide access to experts who use tax efficient pension vehicles and completely legal and above board approaches to create structures that can make a six or seven figure difference to your net worth. Many people pay far too much tax simply because they get poor advice from their accountants. Elite members have access to some of the best advisers in the country.

What does membership cost?

We decided not to charge for most of what we do as this could serve as a barrier, putting people off joining who could benefit greatly from being a member. We do have an application process which you can access by clicking here. Our membership team will review your application and be in touch to let you know the outcome. You will be asked to certify whether you qualify as high net worth or sophisticated investor as part of the application process.

How is the club funded?

Great question! When we find an investment that we like, we partner with the company providing the investment and bring it to the attention of our members. If they invest, we receive a marketing allowance from the investment provider. All investments have to be marketed, whether through advertisements in the media or directly to a membership group like Elite. You will always get at least the same terms as if you went directly to the investment provider – in many cases we negotiate better terms or entirely exclusive projects because of our ability to raise funds quickly.

What is the typical investment amount and what are the returns?

We believe in building a structured ‘Wealth Pyramid’ with different assets at each level, each performing a different role in wealth creation and protection. Currently our investments cover the following categories:

  • Private equity investments in broadly property based projects including residential, commercial and specialist areas such as cemeteries
  • Bonds and loan notes linked to property development
  • Commercial property designed to generate long term passive income, including for example dementia care homes
  • Art and wine investments designed as inflation hedges to maintain long term purchasing power.
  • Film investment with the potential for long term royalty income

Our minimum investment level is typically £50,000 and our average is £100,000 to £250,000. Typical returns are in the 12-20% per annum range for a investment period of 1-5 years. Returns may be a mix of coupons, profit share and share buy backs.

How can I contact the club?

Please either call us on +44 (0) 20 8940 7000 or email

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