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Multi Generational Financial Independence

Elite Investor Club exists to help successful business owners and serious investors to address these kind of concerns. Our goal is to help you achieve multi-generational financial independence.

We do that through a mixture of:

  • Financial coaching and education (but we’re not financial advisers).
  • Access to extraordinary investments that your advisers almost certainly don’t know about.
  • Referral to a hand-picked team of experts to help protect the wealth you build.

We have so far helped our members to invest over £52 million in our carefully selected portfolio.

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Multi Generational Financial Independence

We don’t do everything for you. You’re the conductor, we’re merely part of your orchestra. Because, let’s be honest – the only person with you at the top of the agenda is staring back at you in the bathroom mirror.

It doesn’t matter how much you pay in fees to wealth managers, IFAs and accountants – you’re just a number on their spreadsheet. You must take control of your financial future regardless of who you allow into your Inner Circle.

We don’t charge for membership of the club, but we are selective. You’ll need to complete the form on this page so my team can review it and see if we’re right for each other. If you’re accepted, you’ll be sent a nice Welcome Pack and start receiving regular content from us.

4K Financial Photo Shoot
4K Financial Photo Shoot
4K Financial Photo Shoot

Where do we start?

With a High Definition Financial Photo Shoot – what’s the good side of your wealth and what needs photoshopping a bit? Where do things look crystal clear and where do we need to add some special effects? We use a technique that might seem radical compared to others you’ve met in the financial world – we shut up and listen.

Then, we use some diagramming techniques to put some structure around where you are today and discuss whether you’re doing the right things to get you where you want to go. At the end of the 90 minute session, most people are jumping up with their phones to capture what we’ve created together. In fact, I’m so convinced that you’ll be blown away by the clarity and power that the High Definition Financial Photo Shoot will give you that, if you feel it’s been a waste of time, I will personally give £100 to the charity of your choice there and then.

Once we have the High Definition Financial Photo Shoot in place, we can look at how individual investments in our portfolio will contribute to your hi-res future within the big picture framework.

You might be wondering how we can provide so much without making a charge for membership? It’s quite simple. All investments carry a marketing budget, whether that’s to advertise on the radio, the London Underground or the Sunday newspapers. When we introduce you to one of the carefully curated investments in the Elite portfolio, the company providing that investment pays a marketing allowance to us in return for bringing them a new client. You get exactly the same terms as if you had gone to them directly, and in many cases you enjoy enhanced terms that we’ve negotiated thanks to our ‘buying power’. With 1600 members in 10 countries from the UK to Singapore, we can raise funds quickly for the right opportunities – that’s why we are often given exclusive projects.

So spend a few minutes applying and , if we’re a good fit, my team will be in touch very soon to schedule your High Definition Financial Photo Shoot. But please don’t delay – we only have 12 slots a month available.

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